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Chemquip has pioneered the design, development and application of Metallic and Fluoroplastic lined Mechanical Sealed and Magnetically Driven pumps used in the harshest corrosive and environmentally-critical services.
Forty years of evolution through innovation has created a line of safe, cost effective pumps and created the customer confidence to keep Chemquip at the forefront of user acceptance.

The knowledge developed and the experience gained by Chemquip engineers results in the best pump for the job, chosen from the most comprehensive range of advanced designs and materials available today - and into the future.

We understand our pumps will be applied on toxic, explosive and environmentally critical services and aim to reinforce the 'duty of care' our customers have shown in coming to us. To this end, the services required during the life of a pump are all available from Chemquip.



Trusty & Reliable



Precise Performance

This brief overview provides you with an insight into the current range of
Chemquip centrifugal pumps.



Chemquip Magnetic drive sealless Pumps are horizontal end suction, centrifugal process pumps designed and built to ISO2858 (BS-EN22858/DIN24256)/ISO 5199 or ANSI/ASME B73.1M Standards. The materials of construction include stainless steels, Hastelloy, Titanium, PTFE, PFA, PVDF, FEP, PP and PE-UHMW. The comprehensive range incorporates all the positive design advantages desired in a modern pump. From vertical in-line and self-priming versions, through non-metallic double can arrangements which eliminate eddy currents
increasing efficiency (as energy is not dissipated as heat) and allowing solids passage (as the magnet separation can be increased from the close tolerances of metal can arrangements), to short periods of dry running without damage, using Silicon Carbide diamond bearings
(diamond like running surfaces with extremely low co-efficient of friction). The solids handling capability can be increased firstly by the
use of a filter or external liquor-flush to the bearings and more comprehensively by utilising a recessed impeller to create a Vortex pump capable of handling slurry services.

Mag drive side view.jpg



Chemquip Mechanical Seal Pumps are horizontal end suction, centrifugal process pumps designed and built to ISO2858 (BS-EN22858/DIN24256)/ ISO5199 (BS-EN25199) standards or ANSI/ASME B73.1M.
Materials of construction include stainless steels, exotic alloys, engineered plastics, fluoropolymers, and ceramics permitting applications with all aggressive, corrosive and toxic media. The engineered plastic pumps are available in either a metallic outer construction with plastic moulded inner housing or solid plastic with armoured metal casing allowing a perfect balance to be achieved between the chemical and thermal resistance of the plastic with the mechanical strength of the shell. This permits even the most arduous permeating and abrasive applications.
The seal chamber is designed to ISO3069 to cater for any DIN24960L1K sealing arrangement be it single, single with quench, double (back-to-back), tandem or cartridge configuration. Coupled with a wide range of seal flush systems, an optimum configuration can be attained to
allow smooth running and long service life of the mechanical seal.



Simply Unbeatable

Chemquip vertical single stage, centrifugal pumps are designed to individual tank or sump arrangements. They are available in a wide range
of pump sizes and materials based on our horizontal ISO range, to handle corrosive and non-corrosive services as well as abrasive slurries and “clean” liquids.
The long vertical shafts are either Cantilever Design or utilise Silicon Carbide Diamond bottom steady bearings. The length is tailored to suit the installations with a maximum of 5m.



Making the Impossible, Possible

With a Recessed Vortex impeller and clean liquid bearing Flush a high percentage of solids can be Handled.


Chemquip Limited formed in 1969, is an organisation founded to service the vagaries of the chemical industry throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.
Wherever the need for handling aggressive media is identified, solutions are offered covering storage, control, measurement, flow and agitation.
Contracts range from bespoke chemical plant to skid mounted packages, pressure vessels and individual control and in line equipment including pumps and valves.
The Company, strategically located in the North West of England is ideally located to service all the chemical processing sites across the mainland of the United Kingdom, offers design and manufacturing capabilities to furnish solutions to the problem of handling aggressive chemicals in pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications.
Committed to continuous improvement, the Company is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for the design, manufacture, testing, installation and service of its products.

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